07.08.13 Thunderclap

The 7th August 2013 marks the 28th anniversary of the tragedies at White House Farm in which Jeremy Bamber’s entire family lost their lives. The tragedy was not limited to the events of that night, however. Jeremy was wrongly prosecuted and imprisoned for causing all five deaths despite their being no evidence to support his guilt and a wealth of documents, logs, and photographs that back his innocence. 

As we mark this tragic anniversary once more, the we are asking everyone to keep raising awareness of Jeremy’s case by donating one message from their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to Jeremy and signing up to our Thunderclap. In short, you can visit the link below and join the Thunderclap by registering with your Facebook and/or Twitter account. Once you’ve registered, come 8pm on the 7th August, the following message will be posted on your behalf to your account: 

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Message that will be posted on your account will be

“I support #jeremybamber’s fight for freedom on the 28th anniversary of the tragedies that saw him wrongly jailed.” 

Click Here to Join Our Thunderclap and Support Jeremy! 

In addition, a URL linking to the official Campaign website will all be added to the masses. We ask as many of you as possible to sign up as soon as you can in advance of the 7th. Simply put, the more of you that join by using Thunderclap, the louder our voice will be and the further the news of Jeremy’s tragic loss of his family and his liberty will be spread.  

For instance, if 100 supporters joined the Thunderclap with a Twitter account that has 1,000 followers, the above message will be visible to 100,000 people.  It could take you less than a minute to sign up, but the difference you make could be so much bigger. So please click and join us. 

Remember – you must sign up by connecting with your social networking accounts. Simply cutting and pasting the above message yourself on the day will only lessen the impact of the Thunderclap. 

Thank you for supporting the Campaign and backing Jeremy’s fight for freedom – let’s make sure he knows that on this day especially, he is not battling alone.