Write to Your MP 06.06.13

If you would like to help Jeremy the best thing you can do is write to your MP about your concerns over his case. Do not say that you are writing on his behalf, as a constituent tax payer you are entitled to ask your MP to make enquiries about your concerns over the case. There are two areas where you can express concern to you MP, firstly the issue of non-disclosure and destruction of case evidence and secondly the extremely poor handing of Jeremy's case by the CCRC which is currently pending a judicial review in the High Court.

In your letter you should enclose links or print outs of media articles which highlight evidence that you feel is particularly strong. You can use pages from any of our web sites as all the information is supported by documentary evidence.

To find out who your MP is visit the government web sites http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/ or  “They Work For You” to obtain details.
Remember that Jeremy is not the only victim of a miscarriage of justice and if you would like to make your concerns within the broader context of the justice system please see our “Don’t Let ItBe You Campaign” Which is ongoing, we have still yet to receive a satisfactory response from the HASC as to why they have not been able to address the problems within the justice system.

Remember that your letter will take just a few minutes to write and post but it could change Jeremy’s life forever.

Thanks for supporting Jeremy.