"The Enormity of the universe can make us feel so small, but there is nothing greater than our own capacity to endure." Jeremy Bamber, 2012 

Welcome to Jeremy's Campaign resource centre. If you are a campaigner and you would like to download posters for your place of work, your social club or University you have found the place. Our posters are all in high resolution and are easily downloaded from our document centre.
We would like to say thanks to the campaigners who have contributed their artwork to the centre so far, Jeremy appreciates your help and so do we! 
If you have made any campaign artwork that you would like to add to the centre by all means drop us an email here we are always looking for new ideas so write to us with your suggestions.
Keep up the good work!

To find out more about the case visit www.jeremy-bamber.co.uk and www.jeremybamber.org 
Sarah and the Team