Older Campaigns

There is a new writing campaign starting in December. We will post detail about how you can help on this page. 'Freedom Fortnight' received a huge response and the numbers of letters sent were in their thousands. Letters really do make a difference even if the response is not positive, your letters tell the powers that be that people do care about this case and that we are waiting for them to act on the evidence that Jeremy is innocent. The public want answers to many questions in this case and are fully aware if Jeremy can be treated like this then anyone can. 

A miscarriage of justice can happen to anyone, but the bigger picture of police corruption must be uncovered. Only last week Panorama showed how the police regulate themselves which is very worrying. Bungling at the crime scene and altering chains of evidence to get a conviction not only has an impact on those wrongly convicted and their families, but it allows the real perpetrator to get away and continue to commit crime.  Look at the unwarranted police effort to charge Colin Stag over the 1992 Rachel Nickell murder, questioning the real perpetrator, Robert Napper and allowing him to walk free. Previously Napper's mother had approached police in 1989 and told them that she believed her son had raped a woman on Plumstead Common but they ignored this without connecting it to a rape on the very same Common 8 weeks earlier. Robert Napper continued to rape and murder while the police put their efforts into 'honey trapping' Stagg. Our question remains: 

"If Essex Police did this to Jeremy Bamber then how many other people have they done it to - allowing the guilty to walk free while they focus on convicting the wrong person, altering paperwork to fit with the conviction they want to make?" 

Make it your business to join the campaign and write the letters - you never know the next victim could be you. 


Freedom Fortnight Extended to 31st October

What is it?

We are extending the two week long campaign to enable Universities to join our campaign directly, you don't have to be a student or a tutor to join though just write to the Home Secretary and Director of Public Prosecutions to help free Jeremy Bamber. You can also write to your MP directly.

Why is it so important that I get involved?

The Police are public servants, your voice matters. Your opinion counts. Public money funds the police and also funds the housing of prisoners. Jeremy Bamber is being wrongly imprisoned at the cost of the tax payer. We have discovered that public servants have lied and covered up the truth to sustain his conviction.

Why aren't the CCRC able to investigate this matter?

Mr. Bamber’s conviction is NOT safe and was secured by the use of tainted evidence.  The Criminal Cases Review Commission do not have the powers to investigate Criminal Offences by Police Officers. Do not allow the response 'that the case is with the CCRC' to deter you. Jeremy's case has been with the CCRC since 2004 and they have done nothing to investigate or instruct the IPCC based on documental evidence presented to them. 

What should I do to help?

We are asking that you send one letter to two people, that’s the price of two first class stamps. Please note that your correspondence will have a greater impact if you print off the allegation document and the letter and post it rather than send just an email. You can download a PDF of the letter here (or as a Word Document here) download the allegation document here. You dont have to send the allegation document but you should use our letter. If you dont want to use our letter, and you want to write your own you must include the following text (extract from point 14 of the letter) to make these departments act according to Law.

          "The CPS state that Misconduct in Public Office has occurred if a public officer wilfully neglects to perform his duty and/or wilfully misconducts himself, to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder, without reasonable excuse or justification. We believe that Essex Police, the City of London Police and the Independent Police Complaints Authority (formerly the PCA) have abused our trust in them by allowing Jeremy Bamber to remain in prison a further 20 years after discovering that he was an innocent of all the charges he is currently imprisoned for."


Where do I send my letter?

Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Home Secretary
2 Marsham Street




Mr Kier Starmer QC


Director of Public Prosecutions


2 Southwark Bridge







You can also send the letter and allegations to your MP, Kenneth Clarke the Justice Minister, and the press - there are addresses of Newspapers at the bottom of this page.


What are the allegations?

There have been two police investigations into the handling of the Bamber case; one known as the Dickinson Enquiry in 1986 and another by the City of London Police in 1991. Documents newly discovered by the Defence show that both enquiries discovered the following:

  • That two police officers had permission to falsify their testimony in favour of the prosecution
  • That the chain of evidence for the key exhibit of the sound moderator had not been maintained allowing paperwork for two moderators to be merged together to bolster the prosecution’s case
  • That one of Jeremy’s relatives had lied about the whereabouts of his gun and moderator in order for the police to fabricate evidence.
  • There had been collusion between the police and the relatives in the fabrication of evidence
  • Statements had been edited without the knowledge of witness including that of a forensic scientist.
  • That Essex police did not disclose logs from the scene which would have aided Jeremy’s Defence in giving him an alibi.
  • The jury had directly asked the question Did the relatives have motive to give evidence against Jeremy? They were told the family had no motive and were wealthy in their own right. This was discovered to be untrue. The relatives owned very little land and assets. Unknowingly, Jeremy would have eventually inherited almost all of their assets directly through both his father and mother.
  • Assistant Chief Constable Simpson of Essex Police had been informed of the findings in both enquiries and had chosen not to act.
  • As a result the Police Complaints Authority had also colluded to deceive the public to maintain trust in the police and ultimately by using Public Interest Immunity to ensure that many documents remained hidden from the Defence and public.


"Freedom Fortnight" is being launched here on Monday 22nd August, there will be an allegation document for you to read, download, and send to those in public office. There is also going to be a downloadable letter. You can download your own letter, but if you want your correspondence to be effective you need to use the word of law in your letter and that too will be detailed here. This campaign is the biggest ever seen with thousands of people taking part. People power - let's defend our freedom and our justice system. Liberty is important, overturning Jeremy's conviction means that others like him will also have their cases reviewed. Jeremy will campaign to help other people fight wrongful convictions using his knowledge in a system full of complexities, where even legal aid is not available to help you get to the appeal court.
It is proven that letter/email writing is highly successful in getting miscarriages of justice referred to the court of appeal, without publicity cases where there have been abuses by public servants are buried - notice how long it has taken for the phone hacking scandal to come to light and the subsequent revelations about Police misconduct by taking bribes or providing the press with confidential material from police sources.

It takes a few minutes to write letters to help Jeremy and those few minutes could change Jeremy's life forever.

Thank you.


Old campaigns

Please cut and paste this letter and send it to the addresses below on the 3rd May 2011. Thank You. 
Download this letter as a word document click here
It is almost three months since the Criminal Cases Review Commission granted Jeremy Bamber and his legal team an opportunity to appeal against their provisional statement: the deadline is May 6th 2011. 

However, it has been brought to my attention that the CCRC is withholding over four- hundred negatives relating to the case of Mr Bamber.  It is possible that these negatives, of the crime scene at White House Farm on the 7th August 1985, may provide vital evidence which may aid Mr Bamber in his plight to prove his innocence.

The CCRC is stating that Br Bamber’s solicitor, junior barrister and Mr Sutherst, a forensic specialist, has had sufficient opportunity to visit the CCRC offices and ‘look at’ the negatives which are not much bigger than a postage stamp.  At the request of Mr Sutherst, the CCRC did produce some prints from these negatives: those produced were grainy and of poor quality. 

Since Mr Sutherst’s previous methodology has been undermined, Mr Bamber’s defence team has requested that the negatives be sent to a Forensic Science Service Laboratory for high resolution scanning in order that accurate prints can be made and the necessary forensic work carried out.   This is a reasonable request and one of standard practice.

However the CCRC has not as yet consented to any of the negatives leaving their offices. Three months have now elapsed on the CCRC’s extension. How can Jeremy Bamber’s forensic work be carried out without the negatives?

The CCRC granted the prosecution's expert full access to these same negatives in 2010, is it not reasonable that the Defence be offered the same privilege?

The negatives in question were released by Essex Police in 2008 under the Freedom of Information Act and passed on to the CCRC.  It is my understanding that the CCRC is an independent body set up initially in 1997 to help redress possible miscarriages of justice.  Therefore surely the CCRC must play an equitable role in the cases they undertake.  By failing to release these negatives they are in effect acting as judge and jury.  However, this is the job for the Court of Appeal: not the CCRC.

With the deadline of May 6th looming, it is essential that Mr Bamber’s Defence team gain full access to the negatives as requested in order that the forensic work be carried out.

It is ironic that the CCRC whilst supposedly working in the ‘name of justice’ should appear to be obstructing the very course of it.

Please send the letter above to the following, if you can please send a letter as well as an email: 

Mr C Albert Principal Director complaints@ccrc.x.gsi.gov.uk
5 St Philips Place
B3 2PW

Mr Kenneth Clark, Secretary of State for Justice clarkek@parliament.uk
House of Commons

Kier Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions enquiries@cps.gsi.gov.uk
Casework Directorate
50 Ludgate Hill

If you would like to tell the press that you support Jeremy please write to:  

The Guardian Media Group


 Daily Mail



The Express 


The Times 


The Daily Telegraph


The Independent 


East Anglia Daily Times

On line contact click here


Previous campaigns 

What can I do to help?  

If you support Jeremy then he wants you to write to all of the following people via email or in a letter. Do not say you are writing on behalf of Jeremy. You are a UK tax payer and entitled to make enquiries about this miscarriage of justice as your taxes are paying for him to stay in prison. You must include your name and address when writing and link to any pages on the web or refer to documents that you think support your argument. 


Write to your MP as a constituent, request that they investigate the matter on your behalf. 

For a list of MP’s email & addresses click here

His Honour Judge Rivlin (Bamber’s trial defence barrister)



Southwark Crown Court

1 English Row





Victor Temple QC (2002 Appeal Prosecutor)



 6 Kings Bench Walk





Anthony Arledge QC (Bamber’s trial prosecutor)




18 Red Lion Court




Crown Prosecution Service

Simon Clements – Jeremy’s Case Manager


Kier Starmer QC - Director of Public Prosecutions

Crown Prosecution Service 

Web: http://www.cps.gov.uk

Email: enquiries@cps.gsi.gov.uk


Casework Directorate

50 Ludgate Hill




Jim Barker-McArdle - Chief Constable

Web: http://www.essex.police.uk

Email:  Freda.willingham@essex.pnn.police.uk

Essex Police Headquarters


PO Box 2






Criminal Cases Review Commission

 Web:  http://www.ccrc.gov.uk/

Email:  complaints@ccrc.x.gsi.gov.uk


Alpha Tower

Suffolk Street Queensway

B1 1TT